Allie Chiaradonna is truly passionate about music performance. And education. With individually-tailored, resource-based lessons and an engaging playing style all her own, Allie touches the mind and heart.

A practical approach

to music.



Allie Clarinet




Allie is all about musical understanding. She can reach across any gap in age, background, or experience. With both her words and performances. Utilizing both the latest technologies, and the time-tested techniques garnered from some of the world's best teachers, Allie's music enriches. And entertains. And empowers.


Allie's Sites

Allie's Sites



Allie's websites are as finely tuned as her music.

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It's your turn.


Are you ready for an intelligent, practical approach to music lessons? Allie has seen incredible success with her students.

Or are you looking for a classical performer like no other?



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